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The Working Principle of Electronic Luggage Scale


The digital luggage scale is composed of sensors, high- […]

The digital luggage scale is composed of sensors, high-precision ADC chip, main control chip and LED display screen. The working principle of electronic luggage scale.

The first is to collect the weight of the measured object through the pressure sensor and convert it into a voltage signal. The output voltage signal is usually small and requires accurate linear amplification through the front-end signal processing circuit. The amplified analog voltage signal is converted into a digital quantity by the A / D conversion circuit and sent to the single-chip computer of the main control circuit, and then the decode display is controlled by the single-chip computer to display the weight of the measured object.

In practical applications, in order to improve the accuracy of data acquisition and minimize external electrical interference, it is also necessary to add a signal adjustment circuit between the sensor and the A / D chip.

Functional description of luggage scale:

1. Adopt high-precision resistance strain pressure sensor, measuring range 0-10kg, measuring accuracy up to 5g.

2. The 24-bit A / D converter high-precision ADC chip CS1231 is used to condition and convert the sensor signal.

3. Adopt CSU1182 MCU as the main control chip to realize the main control functions such as weighing and calculating prices.

4. Use 128 * 64 Chinese character LCD screen to display information such as weight, unit price and total price.

5. The 4 * 4 matrix keyboard is used for human-computer interaction, with large keyboard capacity and convenient operation.

6. With over-range alarm function, it can alarm through buzzer and LED light.

7. The system is powered by a lithium battery, which is generally powered by 2-5V.

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