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Can The Error of Personal Electronic Scale Be Adjusted?


Electronic personal scales are not allowed to be adjust […]

Electronic personal scales are not allowed to be adjusted, but will be determined according to specific circumstances. Usually, there is an adjustment button on the bottom of the electronic scale, which can be adjusted directly. However, some electronic scales cannot be adjusted. If not, you can try to replace the battery or charge the electronic scale, and then stand up again to try to be accurate.

In fact, electronic personal scales are not very standard. Some electronic scales weigh 2 kg, while others weigh 2 kg. When measuring weight, make sure that the battery of the lower electronic scale is sufficient. At present, most electronic scales are charged. Even if you do n’t use them often, you should remember to charge the scales regularly. Insufficient power of the electronic scale will cause the display of the electronic scale to be incorrect. After the power is sufficient, you can return to normal without adjustment.

The electronic scale should be placed on a flat floor. If the electronic scale is high and low, it will cause inaccurate measurement. During the weighing process, please do not shake your body, stand on the electronic scale, and do not weigh with one foot or squat posture, otherwise it will lead to inaccurate weighing.

Generally speaking, the error of the electronic scale is not very large. If the error is large, it indicates that there is a problem within the electronic scale. You can buy another electronic scale to measure the weight. Usually, the electronic scale can be repaired after disassembling, you can contact the merchant for details.

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