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Selection Skills of Household Kitchen Scales


Kitchen scales are tools used to accurately measure the […]

Kitchen scales are tools used to accurately measure the amount of food ingredients used in cooking. Kitchen scales are generally made of ABS or AAS plastic and stainless steel. Tempered glass may also be used for electronic kitchen scales, which is generally used as the tray part of kitchen scales to facilitate cleaning.

Kitchen scales are divided into household kitchen scales and hotel kitchen scales according to usage.

According to food products: Western pastry kitchen scale and Chinese food kitchen scale.

According to sensing points: electronic kitchen scale and mechanical kitchen scale.

According to food raw materials: liquid metering kitchen scale and quality metering kitchen scale.

Selection Skills of Household Kitchen Scales:

General household kitchen scales need less precision than hotels; The measurement accuracy of Chinese style is lower than that of western style cakes. In addition, mechanical kitchen scales are generally divided into 1kg,2kg,3kg and 5kg, while the accuracy is as low as 5g, which is suitable for occasions with lower accuracy requirements.

Electronic kitchen scales generally have a weighing range of 5KG, with a minimum accuracy of 0.1g g. At present, 2 AA (No.5) dry batteries are commonly used in the market. An electronic scale has only one measuring range and accuracy. Kitchen scales with different measuring ranges have relatively different accuracy.

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