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How is The Accuracy of Electronic Scales Calculated?


How is the accuracy of electronic scales calculated? Wh […]

How is the accuracy of electronic scales calculated? When selecting electronic scales, the first consideration is accuracy. What is the accuracy of electronic scales? There are many kinds of electronic scales, and the weighing specifications of different electronic scales are also very different.

Generally speaking, the precision of an electronic scale weighing up to 40kg will be controlled at about 20g. There are also electronic scales weighing 40kg, and the precision will be more precise to about 10g. There are also several kinds of electronic scales weighing 20kg, the accuracy of which is about 10g, 20kg, 5g and 10kg respectively. The higher the accuracy of electronic scales, the better the quality.

On the maximum weighing of the electronic scale, if the tare weight is not counted, there will be the maximum weighing capacity. If the electronic scale is set with 20kg as the maximum weighing capacity, placing the articles within 20kg on the electronic scale will cause certain damage to the electronic scale and result in inaccurate weighing.

Similarly, according to the accuracy of the electronic scale, there is also a minimum weighing. If the items you weigh are placed in the minimum weighing unit set by the electronic scale, then weighing errors will occur.

There are also scale intervals and precision. The scale interval of electronic scales is generally 10g. Every 10g is a scale value, and the weighing unit is 10g as a scale number. The precision of an electronic scale is a calculated value, a ratio of inductance to total weighing. For example, the maximum weight of an electronic scale is 6kg and the minimum scale is 0.5g .. Precision is 05 divided by 6000, which is the calculation method of precision of electronic scale. Internal precision, for example, 5 grams per unit, then 5 grams is the internal resolution.

The most important thing is to choose a good electronic scale precision. The above is an introduction to the precision of electronic scales and how to calculate the precision of electronic scales.

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