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How To Avoid Inaccurate Weighing Of Electronic Scales?


 Electronic scales are often used in daily life, especi […]

 Electronic scales are often used in daily life, especially in fruit markets, farmer's markets, etc. It can be said that electronic scales are closely related to our lives. The accuracy of electronic scales is believed to be a concern not only for our consumers but also for manufacturers. Some people here give suggestions and expect to solve the problem of weighing the accuracy of electronic scales from the following aspects.

  We know that the division value of electronic scale verification is closely related to its verification accuracy. The smaller the division value, the higher the verification accuracy. Sometimes the division value is arbitrarily reduced in order to facilitate the viewing of the data, it is easy to cause the calibration division to become larger, and it is even impossible to ensure that the verification accuracy is compatible with the reduction of the division value, which directly increases the difficulty of the inspection work, and it is difficult to ensure Accuracy of Data Verification. So this kind of situation should be avoided.

  Second, in the process of carrying out the verification of electronic scales, it is required to actively carry out weighing tests and discrimination tests. 3. Preliminary processing of the verification data: During the verification period when the verification staff uses the electronic scale for verification, the numerical value and the value of the marked weight will be different, and there will be a numerical difference. In this case, it is necessary to judge whether the electronic scale meets the standard requirements. However, it cannot be judged only by the difference value satisfying the graduation value. It is still necessary to observe whether the error after correcting the electronic scale is within the error tolerance range. At the same time, individuals should be aware that if the electronic scale is used unreasonably or excessively, it will affect its sensor function. If the stability of the sensor cannot be guaranteed, it will inevitably be detrimental to the accuracy of data transmission, which will lead to data errors.

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