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Smart Electronic Scales Are More Powerful


   In the traditional farmers market, the scale is more […]

   In the traditional farmers market, the scale is more controllable, and the traditional scale only plays the role of weighing. At present, smart electronic scales are developing rapidly. Compared with traditional scales, electronic scales have more functions such as pricing, collection, uploading, waterproofing and moisture-proofing. Electronic scales are also used in a wider field.

  Compared with ordinary electronic scales, intelligent electronic scales have the following characteristics: 1. The 8031 ​​single-chip microcomputer is used to form the smallest system, giving full play to the intelligence of the microcomputer, realizing hardware softening, fewer keys and more functions, thereby reducing circuit components and greatly reducing hardware costs. Second, the V/F converter LM331 is used, which has a simple interface with the microcontroller, is easy to isolate, and has the advantages of high conversion accuracy, fast speed, low price, wide power supply range, and strong anti-interference ability. 3. The system software adopts the modular programming method, which not only facilitates the modification and debugging of the program, but also realizes the self-diagnosis and judgment of the software, which improves the comprehension and maintenance of the software. 4. Including pricing function. By executing the corresponding key function program, the fixed unit price pricing function and the special pricing function can be realized respectively. Simple to operate and easy to use.


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