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Zhengtai’s Mechanical Bathroom Scale is Ergonomic


Today Xiangshan Zhengtai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. […]

Today Xiangshan Zhengtai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. will introduce you to a mechanical bathroom scale.

This weighing machine is well constructed with high precision and high sensitivity. Portable fashion and metal design provide a beautiful appearance for the scale. E-friendly mechanical power supply and H add load-bearing parts and split chassis for the scale body, making the scale very durable. 1 5.5 cm diameter round transparent dial is equipped for easy reading and displays accurate weight. The platform is covered with a granular rubber pad to prevent slippage and provide a shockproof internal mechanism. The bottom base is designed to prevent the ground from slipping. All these features make mechanical scales very durable and useful.


* Kg & lb and kg are available in two types

* Non-slip, shockproof and waterproof

* Environmental protection mechanical power supply

* 15.5 cm diameter round clear high-precision dial display

* Hardened load-bearing parts of the scale body and split chassis

* Particle non-slip mat and bottom base design

Xiangshan Zhengtai Electric Appliance is a China mechanical bathroom scale manufacturers and supplier. Our scales are reliable in quality, accurate in the display, durable in use and have good anti-skid details. The products have passed the international quality certification and are sold all over the world.

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