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What Elements Should be Paid Attention to When Choosing Electronic Scales?


With the development of modern sensor technology, the e […]

With the development of modern sensor technology, the electronic scale industry has also developed rapidly, and there are more and more types of electronic scales on the market. For our ordinary consumers, how to buy electronic scales becomes more and more difficult. In fact, it mainly depends on our needs. General users do not need to over require accuracy. Places such as gold shops and laboratories require higher accuracy. Therefore, you should choose a scale with higher accuracy at this time. In general, When choosing an electronic scale, pay attention to the following six elements.

1. Product quality and necessary additional functions. Including accuracy, linearity, repeatability, four-corner error. The electronic scale is a basic laboratory instrument, so the accuracy of the later experimental results cannot be guaranteed. The necessary additional functions can ensure that the experiment is simple and smooth.

2. Good price/performance ratio and avoid excessive consumption. There is no need to spend money on unused features. When the performance is basically the same, a more favorable price can ensure the efficiency of the use of funds by the unit or individual. Welcome to use the economical brands of classic manufacturers.

3. Average annual usage fee. Including natural wear and tear and maintenance costs. For example, the purchase price of product A is 3,000 yuan, and the purchase price of product B is 6,000 yuan. If product A has a service life of 2 years, product B has a service life of 5 years. In fact, the average annual use cost of B product is cheaper (1500 yuan/year: 1200 yuan/year). The above does not include the loss and maintenance costs caused by the interruption of the experiment due to the frequent return of the A product.

4. Compatibility to operators and tolerance to the operating environment. Different personnel operates differently. Product A often has large errors, and product B is operated by different personnel, and the results are basically the same. Products A and B with the same accuracy have different tolerances for handling, use, maintenance, vibration source, temperature, humidity, etc.

5. Product after-sales service and function expansion. Try to avoid quality problems as much as possible. If quality problems occur or function expansion is required, classic manufacturers can provide timely and thoughtful services. With fierce market competition, companies with viability and basic profits can provide long-term and thoughtful service and technical support.

6. Humanized design. Avoid occasional operating errors to cause damage to the instrument. At the same time, it ensures that the user is light, comfortable, and pleasing to the eye.

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