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Why Do Body Fat Scales Have Multiple Results in One Day?


Why does electronic body fat scale fluctuate when measu […]

Why does electronic body fat scale fluctuate when measured multiple times a day?

The body fat scale calculates the body fat rate based on the body's biological impedance value, so the current state of the body, such as body moisture content, skin dryness, etc., will affect the measurement result. It is impossible for a person's fat content and body fat rate to fluctuate drastically within a day. Therefore, if you measure the fluctuations in body fat rate multiple times a day, you should just take a look at it, and don't care too much.

In fact, we do not recommend that everyone weighs every day. Changes in weight within a short period of time are related to eating, exercising, sweating, drinking, etc. It does not mean that fat content changes significantly. Therefore, weigh your body weight and body fat every few days or every other week. There is no need to test every day, which will only increase the worry of seeing changes in numbers.

Of course, when weighing weight and body fat, try to ensure that the weighing time and conditions are the same. For example, you always get up in the morning with an empty stomach, empty your bowels and then weigh, or measure before going to bed at night.

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