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Introducing An Excellent Smart Body Fat Scale


With the advancement of science and technology, electro […]

With the advancement of science and technology, electronic body fat scales have gradually become well-known. The CHINT smart body fat scale can measure and calculate up to 14 body data, including weight, fat, visceral fat, protein, BMI, muscle, and bone weight. , Water, basal metabolism, body type, body age, body score, muscle weight, fat weight.

It can also generate an exercise goal recommendation according to the physical condition, including exercise time, which type of exercise to do, etc., as well as dietary recommendations suitable for your physical condition. It is quite possible to integrate multiple physical data and plan to generate suitable Health advice on your own exercise and diet is more practical.

Moreover, there is a monthly in-depth report on physical health once a month to analyze the physical data of the month. The data is relatively accurate, and the APP connection is also very convenient. Open the APP to start the electronic scale and shake the mobile phone to connect with Bluetooth. However, the structure of the APP is slightly complicated. Some data is hidden in other items and requires multiple clicks to view. Convenience is average. Overall, the price/performance ratio is relatively high.

The shape is round and small, with a nearly circular shape, which is different from the square shape of the other two models. The panel size is 320*320mm, which is convenient to use but takes up more space for storage. Using WIFI data transmission is more stable and simpler than Bluetooth data transmission. The data of each weighing is automatically transmitted to the mobile phone, and a graph is generated, which is intuitive and clear at a glance.

It is more convenient that you can directly follow the WeChat official account to upload data, manage data, and interact with friends. You can download the Lexin APP or use WeChat directly without downloading the APP, which is very convenient.

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