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What is The Principle of The Bluetooth Fat Scale Module?


The principle of the Bluetooth fat scale module is simi […]

The principle of the Bluetooth fat scale module is similar to the principle of the ordinary electronic weight scale, which uses the pressure sensor and chip design to complete the function. The shape of the Bluetooth electronic scale has four contact points with the ground, and a pressure sensor is placed at the four contact points. The pressure sensor converts the weight of the human body into an electrical signal. After the chip is designed, the processor AD sampling is completed, and then converted. You can get bodyweight.

The body fat measurement of the Bluetooth fat scale module is measured by the electrical impedance method. Its specific principle is that the electrode sheet emits a weak current and forms a closed loop with the human body. The electrical impedance value is obtained through the principle that muscles are easily conductive, but fat is not conducive. , And then combine the electrical impedance value with data such as height and weight to calculate the body fat rate.

Features of Bluetooth fat scale module:

Designed and developed using impedance measurement (BIM) dedicated chips, sensors and Bluetooth modules, the fat scale module design can measure body fat rate and heart rate and other functions, and connect the mobile phone APP through the Bluetooth module to transfer the obtained data to the APP for record storage, APP customizes your personal health plan based on personal physical data.

Bluetooth fat scale module function:

1. Automatically record body curves

2. 76 items of body data are displayed in the APP

3. Memory time: long-term memory

4. 27 core data measurements

5. Body circumference record

6. Intelligent voice broadcast

7. Exercise plan

8. Diet plan

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