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Weight Loss Expert Assistant Xiangshan Zhengtai Electronic Scale


In the hot summer, the boys and girls on the street wea […]

In the hot summer, the boys and girls on the street wearing bright clothes have become a beautiful landscape. Of course, in order to show you a perfect body in summer, weight loss has become a serious issue. Whether you choose running, yoga, weight loss exercises or other weight loss methods, it is indispensable to test the weight loss effect. I recommend this Xiangshan Zhengtai ZT2110 electronic personal scale for weight loss experts today. Interested friends may wish to pay attention to it.

The appearance of this electronic scale is fresh and sweet. You can choose from five colors: luxurious purple, colorful, phantom powder, fantasy blue and phantom blue. The whole is made of high-quality compressive toughened glass, which is bright and beautiful. It is also a good small ornament when placed indoors.

The electronic scale uses ergonomics to create the best plane size design of 280*280*22mm, which effectively prevents rollover and meets the needs of most people. The 57.5*36mm low-energy ultra-clear LCD display can be clearly seen in any light and brightness environment.

The scale body of this electronic scale adopts automotive-grade environmentally-friendly ABS industrial plastic parts, which has high-efficiency impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and effectively protects internal chips and sensors. More accurate and stable weight measurement, effective control of the error rate, so that you can find a "thin" surprise every time you weigh.

Xiangshan Zhengtai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., founded in 1967, began to produce household bathroom scales and kitchen scales in 1998. Over the past 20 years, the company has been committed to vigorously exploring the market and constantly innovating. Relying on excellent quality , exquisite design, rich experience and excellent price, it has won the trust and support of customers at home and abroad. Its products are exported to America, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, etc.

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