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For People Who Lose Weight, Weight Numbers Are Important


When summer arrives, many people put "weight loss" on t […]

When summer arrives, many people put "weight loss" on the agenda. In the process of weight loss, "weighing" is an essential part. For people who want to lose weight, weighing is essential, because changes in weight numbers represent the results of their efforts. But have you ever thought that weight is also "deceptive"?

In order to clear the "stumbling blocks" on the way to lose weight, we specially purchased a mechanical scale, an ordinary electronic scale, two "net celebrity" electronic scales from Xiaomi and Huawei, and an electronic scale at the front desk of the company for testing experience.

In order to test the accuracy of the results, we invited three colleagues of different sizes to experience them separately.

It can be seen from the statistical values ​​that the weight values ​​on the five scales are different. Then we use a standard weight of 10kg to test. Whose value is the most accurate?

I didn't expect the final test results to surprise us. The mechanical scale that would have the smallest error was more than a catty more. The results obtained by No. 2 and No. 5 are accurate. The errors of the Xiaomi and Huawei scales are 0.05kg and 0.1kg, which are almost negligible.

In fact, the core component that affects the accuracy of the weight scale is the sensor. Relatively speaking, low-priced weight scales have low sensor accuracy, so the weighing results have larger errors.

We hereby remind everyone: it is best to look at the technical indicators before buying a household electronic scale to understand the maximum error and accuracy of this measuring instrument, and don't be too greedy for cheap.

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