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Three Reasons For The Error Of Electronic Scales


    Repeatability error due to lateral force on an elec […]

    Repeatability error due to lateral force on an electronic scale sensor. Due to the limitation of the on-site environment, it is easy to cause the load receiver to move up and down so that the force of the weighing platform on the load cell is not vertical. The lateral force on the sensor is caused by the design and manufacturing error of the force transmission mechanism of the scale body, which is embodied in the level of the upper and lower mounting bases of each sensor and the level between them. Repeatability errors caused by the overall stiffness of the scale body and the related local stiffness

    Repeatability error is caused when sensor conditions are not met. When an electronic scale is weighed, the force transmission characteristics of the mechanical force transmission mechanism of the symmetrical body, the consistency of sensor parameters, and the excitation voltage of the sensor must meet certain conditions. Only proportional to the measured weight can the accuracy of the weighing measurement result be guaranteed.

    Repeatability errors due to angular differences. When the electronic scale is weighing, the signal of the sensor is transmitted to the weighing display instrument through the junction box. If some parameters of the sensor are inconsistent or the potentiometer in the junction box is adjusted unbalanced, the angle difference of the electronic scale will be caused. At this time, the weight is being weighed. Different positions of the stage can create repeatability errors. It can be seen that the repeatability of the load cell itself, the friction between the weighing platform and the scale body, and the sensitivity, and stability of the weighing instrument will all affect the repeatability test of the electronic scale. Therefore, improper adjustment of the limit device of the weighing platform will also affect the weighing results and cause repeatability errors.

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