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Electronic Scales Under The Development Of Technology


    According to the principle, it can be divided into […]

    According to the principle, it can be divided into electronic scales, mechanical scales, and electromechanical scales; and according to functions, it can be divided into counting scales, weighing scales, and Bluetooth scales.

    With the development of electronic scales and the need for special applications, waterproof scales came into being. Waterproof scales are generally divided into waterproof pricing scales, waterproof weight counting scales, waterproof electronic platform scales, etc.

    The purpose of the waterproof scale is to be waterproof and moisture-proof to deal with harsh environments such as humidity and salt spray. The waterproof design is carried out on the basis of the original pricing scale, and the internal structure of the scale body is redesigned according to the waterproof level. The external weighing pan, power cord interface, switches, etc. are all redesigned. Due to the different waterproof levels, waterproof scales also have certain differences in waterproof performance. Some waterproof weighing scales have the highest waterproof level of IP68, and can also be weighed in water. The interior of the waterproof scale adopts a fully sealed structure to prevent the corrosion of the sensor elastomer by corrosive liquids and vapors, and greatly improve the life of the sensor.

    With the development of technology, energy scales and waterproof weighing scales have appeared one after another. Energy scales are an innovation of traditional electronic scales and body scales that do not require batteries and do not rely on solar energy. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy to provide electricity for weighing.

    The waterproof weighing scale has obtained waterproof certification, all-around three-dimensional waterproof, large window, super anti-skid, and anti-fall, designed for the harsh environment of cold storage. Suitable for aquatic product processing, seafood processing, fishery production, etc.

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