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The Working Principle of Electronic Personal Scale


The electronic personal scale is a measuring instrument […]

The electronic personal scale is a measuring instrument that uses the gravity acting on an object to measure the mass (weight) of the object. It is suitable for measuring the weight of the human body in places such as scientific research, medical treatment, and sports. It is also suitable for weighing the human body at home.

Composition of electronic personal scale

Load-bearing and force transmission mechanism: It is the entire mechanical system that transmits the weight or force of the human body to the load cell. Including load-bearing platform, weighing bridge structure, hanging connection unit, etc.

Load cell: The sensor converts the force or weight transmitted on it into an electrical signal (voltage) according to a certain functional relationship. Output to the measurement display instrument.

Measurement and display instrument: used to measure the electrical signal output by the load cell and display the weight value in digital form (including zero adjustment and tare circuit).

Logic control component: It is composed of a latch, a reserved delay logic circuit and a decoding circuit.

The working principle of electronic personal scale

The weighing object converts gravity into an analog signal of voltage or current through a pressure sensor installed on the mechanism. After being amplified and filtered, it is converted into a digital signal by the A/D processor, and the digital signal is calculated by the central processing unit (CPU). Processing, and peripheral functions and various interface circuits are also connected to the CPU for application, and finally displayed in digital form on the display screen.

Features of electronic personal scale

The electronic human body scale realizes remote operation, realizes automatic control, intuitive digital display, reduces human error; high accuracy, strong resolution, and wide weighing range. In addition, the unique functions of the electronic human body scale can be deducted, pre-deducted, zeroed, accumulated, warning, etc.; simple maintenance; small size; simple installation and calibration; special industries can be connected to printers or computer drives; intelligent electronic human scales, Fast response and high efficiency.

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