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How Much Do You Know About Electronic Scales?


Electronic scales are used more and more widely. Today […]

Electronic scales are used more and more widely. Today we will talk about the working principle and characteristics of electronic scales.

working principle.


When an object is placed on the weighing pan, pressure is applied to the sensor, the sensor is elastically deformed, so that the impedance changes, and the excitation voltage is used to change at the same time to output a changing analog signal. The signal is amplified by the amplifier circuit and output to the analog-to-digital converter. Converted into a digital signal that is easy to process, and output to the CPU arithmetic control. The CPU outputs this result to the display according to keyboard commands and programs. Until this result is displayed.


(1) The weighing is convenient, the resolution is high, and the weighing value can be displayed digitally, so it is convenient for the long-distance transmission of the signal, so as to achieve the purpose of centralized management and automatic production control.

(2) High precision;

(3) The response speed of the sensor is fast, so the weighing speed is fast;

(4) Good stability, low mechanical wear, long life, and convenient maintenance;

(5) Many sensors have good sealing performance, so that they can work in harsh environments;

(6) Due to its simple structure, it is small in size and light in weight.

Due to the above advantages, electronic scales have become the mainstream of the development of weighing instruments, and are widely used in industry, commerce and other fields. They are of great significance for improving people's living standards, enhancing labor productivity, reducing labor intensity, and reducing costs.

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