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The Method of Reducing The Error of Digital Electronic Scale


Digital electronic scales with too high errors are ofte […]

Digital electronic scales with too high errors are often annoying for countless weighers. Obviously a good high-precision scale is bought back, but the result is often due to such unknown reasons, which leads to frequent weighing errors. It will even affect the next step of work while incurring losses and delay the overall work accuracy.

So, how to make the error of your digital electronic scale smaller?

First of all, we need to understand what factors affect the error? For a new scale, if it is a standard scale electronic scale type that is strongly inspected by the country, there will generally not be too much deviation when buying, because most of these are shipped after repeated tests. When we buy scales, in addition to the need to choose old good brands, we just need to choose the scale body. Most errors are not here, so where? In fact: the acquired man-made.

For now, if it is difficult to solve the unrepairable errors or even failures caused by humans, this requires huge technical work, which is mostly solved by dealers or manufacturer technicians. But most of the weighing errors are not really irreparable. Then, at this time, we only need to check certain aspects to solve it by ourselves, which can save money and effort, such as:

(1) Once the digital electronic scale has a large error, immediately check whether your electronic scale is placed on a horizontal surface? If it is not, then please correct it to solve; because of the countless weighing errors caused by this point, although the problem is small, people often tend to ignore it.

(2) Once you find that your digital electronic scale is not accurate, then check whether the four corners of your electronic scale are consistent in weight bearing? If they are inconsistent, it is generally because the four corners are unstable or there is a problem with the sensor at a certain corner. Check the sensor to find the problem and even replace it.

(3) If your digital electronic scale weighs the same product twice or there is an error, or even three or four times, and at the same time your object weight is relatively heavy, then please pay attention to the different weights and methods of the items you place You can put these normalizations for a few more tests, and maybe you can get the same weight. Then, this kind of error is not a problem of the scale itself, but caused by improper operation. It can be corrected.

(4) If your scale is out of repair for a long time, the error is inevitable, you can replace the modern better scale body, more stable and more mature products. Then, the problem of electronic scale error can be solved.

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