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Smart Kitchen Scale Allows You to Accurately Grasp The "Degree" of Food


For the little white in the kitchen, is he tortured to […]

For the little white in the kitchen, is he tortured to death by the "appropriate" and "a little" in the recipe every time? What is the right amount, and what level is the right amount or a little? This is something that many kitchen noobs have been unable to understand. Why can't the recipes be accurate enough? I have to use the right amount of this vague explanation. For people who often cook, the right amount is all based on feeling, and you will be able to master this degree after doing it a few times.

We can cook rice by feeling, but baking is not good. All the ingredients in the baking are very accurate values. If there is a slight error, it may fail or have completely different results. Therefore, baking and dessert lovers must not lack an accurate kitchen scale in the kitchen, allowing you to "precisely" master the "degree" of the food.

The kitchen scales we often see are small electronic scales, which are very small and do not occupy any space at all, and are very suitable for baking. I have also bought several, but I don’t know if it’s the problem with my method of use or what's wrong. This kind of electronic scale has not been used for a long time in my house, and it didn’t take a long time for it to malfunction. There are no fewer than five. Later, I found that this scale is not very good, and always strikes every time I use it, so I re-dig out a smart scale, which is easy to use too much.

According to your preferences, there are two specifications to choose from, a smart scale and a smart measuring cup. After all, the frequency of using the scale is relatively high. This scale can also switch the weight of solids and liquids. No other containers are needed. You only need to put the ordinary cups at home to directly measure liquids. But remember to place the cup first, set the zero point and then pour the liquid you need to measure.

Do you think that only baking desserts need to use a scale, in fact, cooking is also needed. I often see how many grams of meat, a few grams of cooking wine, and how much oil are on the recipe. These are degrees that you can’t easily grasp for the kitchen novice. At this time, the smart scale can help you solve this big distress and prepare the ingredients according to the recipe. With so many choices, Kitchen Xiaobai can also become a master chef.

In order to get rid of the title of kitchen novice, in order to make delicious ingredients, it is necessary to prepare a smart scale.

Kitchen scales mainly include electronic kitchen scales and mechanical kitchen scales. There is always one that suits you. Come and buy.

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