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Functions And Characteristics of Electronic Body Fat Scale


Body fat scales have recently received more and more at […]

Body fat scales have recently received more and more attention from families. So what are the functions of body fat scales? Let's take a look with Zhengtai.

What are the functions of the body fat scale?

1. Smart wireless connection: Generally, body fat scales will provide a smart body fat scale APP, which can be used by scanning the QR code of the smart body fat scale or directly connecting online via a wireless network or Bluetooth technology.

2. Viewing weight information: After using the smart body fat scale, the APP will display body index data such as body weight, body fat percentage, moisture, and BMI.

3. Data recording function: real-time recording of each weighing weight information to generate body weight change curve graphs, weight loss and fat loss data reports, users can learn more about themselves by viewing different time periods.

4. Fitness exercise recommendation: The system tailors and recommends fitness exercises suitable for you according to your real-time weight, body fat, and height information.

5. Recipe recommendation function: weight loss and fitness not only require exercise but also pay attention to diet, tailor-made and recommended for you catering recipes.

Is the body fat scale data accurate?

1. There are generally the following three types of body fat scales on the market. A DC scale with only two electrode plates cannot form a closed circuit and calculates your body fat directly based on your height and weight, so the accuracy of the calculation of the two indicators is very low; an AC scale with four electrode plates, when measuring, The human body and the scale body form a closed AC circuit, and multiple electrode plates collect data, and the accuracy is medium; the eight-electrode body composition analyzer has multiple electrode plates for body segment analysis, so The calculation accuracy of body composition such as body fat rate is the highest, but the price is also higher than the previous two models.

2. The body fat scale with more electrodes will measure more accurately. Generally, eight electrode plates are mostly used in public places such as hospitals. It is recommended that you buy an AC scale with four electrode plates. However, the difference between the four-electrode scale and the two-electrode scale is invisible on the surface. Therefore, the method of choosing an accurate body fat scale is to first see whether the scale will emit current, and secondly, to see whether the emitted current can form a closed circuit.

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