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Interpretation of Body Fat Scale Principle


With the continuous improvement of people's living stan […]

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's attention to their bodies has become a demand for many people. Many manufacturers have seen this opportunity to launch industrialized products of electronic body fat scales.

Especially during New Year's Day, users generally showed the pursuit of health and beauty, and the growth of new trend categories was more obvious. Among them, body fat scales maintained a relatively high growth rate.

So, what exactly is a body fat scale? What is the principle of a body fat scale?

The body fat scale mainly uses the normal current in our human body to carry out a process of interacting with the current in the body fat scale. In the process of this electrical signal interaction, various cells and different components in our body are exchanged. In our body, blood and water are more of the muscle content. Then it can conduct electricity in blood and water, and water is a conductor. In our body, fat cells have poor conductivity and are non-conductive.

Using this principle, according to a current distribution and recognition degree. Can clearly understand the content of muscle and fat in a person's body. After effective calculation of the ratio, we get our muscle-fat ratio, so as to get real and effective data.

There are many body fat scale manufacturers on the market, which brand is reliable? The accuracy of the body fat scale is not much different from one company to another, and it can't be compared with the medical-grade, so just buy one at the same price.

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