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How To Use The Kitchen Scale Correctly?


    Kitchen scales are generally made of ABS or AAS pla […]

    Kitchen scales are generally made of ABS or AAS plastic and stainless steel. Electronic kitchen scales may also use tempered glass because tempered glass is easy to clean, so it is generally used as the tray part of the kitchen scale. The weighing results of electronic scales are more accurate, the readings are intuitive, and the minimum range can reach 1 gram or even 0.1 gram. These advantages are incomparable to mechanical scales. But it's more expensive than a mechanical scale. Measuring spoons are more accurate and convenient if you are weighing small amounts of material.

    How to use a kitchen scale?

    First of all, put the scale on a horizontal table, then turn it on. It should be about 50 cm away from the radiation of mobile phones and computers. The airflow should not be too large. Do not face objects with large airflows such as air conditioners and electric fans. (0.0g or 0.00g) and then put the item on it and weigh it.

    Furthermore, the product should be used on a stable and windless level, and the maximum weighing should not exceed +2% of its maximum range. Overloading the product will permanently damage the product. It should not be exposed to extreme cold or heat, in normal conditions the product will work well.

    Be careful to handle it with care. When weighing, you should place the item lightly on the weighing pan to avoid inaccurate weighing or damage to the internal parts of the scale. Place the kitchen scale in a clean environment where dust, moisture, vibration, airflow, or electromagnetic interference can adversely affect product stability and accuracy.

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