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Electronic Scales Gradually Replace Traditional Mechanical Scales


    With the improvement of our current living standard […]

    With the improvement of our current living standards, we often need to measure the weight of objects, so scales are used. With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, traditional mechanical scales are gradually replaced by electronic scales, and today's electronic products tend to be miniature With the development of miniaturization, miniaturization, and integration, electronic scales are favored by people for their convenience, fast calculation, intuitive display, and many other advantages. Portable electronic scales have the advantages of high weighing accuracy, simple and practical, easy to carry, low cost, simple production, accurate measurement, high resolution, not easy to damage and cheap, etc. It is a must-have product for family life.

    Electronic scales are commonly used electronic instruments in daily life and are widely used in supermarkets, large and medium-sized shopping malls, and logistics distribution centers. In terms of structure and principle, the portable electronic scale replaces the traditional mechanical weighing tool based on the principle of lever balance. Compared with traditional mechanical measuring tools, it is a brand new measuring instrument in terms of shape layout, working principle, structure, and material. The design of the electronic scale is first to collect the weight of the object to be measured and convert it into a voltage signal through the load cell. The output voltage signal is usually small and needs to be accurately linearly amplified by the front-end signal processing circuit. The amplified analog voltage signal is converted into a digital quantity by the AD conversion circuit and then closed in the single chip microcomputer of the main control circuit, and then the liquid crystal display is controlled by the single chip computer to display the weight of the measured object.


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