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How to Use Electronic Kitchen Scales?


It is found that most people do not understand the diff […]

It is found that most people do not understand the difference between the calories and serving size of food. How to use the electronic kitchen scale to weigh the food scale to help you identify the correct portion of the food you eat, help you reduce calories and lose weight.

Steps to use kitchen scale:

1. Determine the type of kitchen scale you want to use. Some people prefer to buy a digital scale because it provides accurate measurements without guessing; other options include springs and weight scales.

2. Read the manual that comes with your scale. The manual instructions may not have simple tutorials. Reading the manual will help you understand the specific functions of the scale.

3. Zero your kitchen scale. Depending on the type of kitchen scale you buy, this may be as simple as turning on the scale and waiting until the display "0". For spring and kitchen scales, you may need to turn the knob on the scale to 0.

4. Weighing bowl or container, used to store your weighed food. You need to know the weight of the container in order to subtract it from the number registered in the scale when adding food to it.

5. Place the food part in the container on the scale. Please wait for the scale sheet before reading the weight. If you are using a digital scale, you will see the weight displayed automatically, or you may need to set it up to indicate the type of food you weigh on the scale. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to obtain the correct reading.

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