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Choose A Kitchen Scale That Suits You


Today we will talk about how to choose electronic kitch […]

Today we will talk about how to choose electronic kitchen scale?

The working principle of kitchen scale:

Like general scales, kitchen scales also use electronic sensing or spring expansion to determine the quality. In comparison, the accuracy of electronic sensing is higher than that of spring measurement.

How to choose a kitchen scale:

General household kitchen scales require lower accuracy than those used in hotels; Chinese-style measuring accuracy is lower than that of Western-style cakes. Moreover, mechanical kitchen scales are generally divided into 1kg, 2kg, 3kg and 5kg, and the accuracy is as low as 5g, which is suitable for occasions with lower accuracy requirements.

Electronic kitchen scales generally have a weighing range of 5KG, with a minimum accuracy of 0.1g. Conventionally, an electronic scale has only one range and accuracy. Kitchen scales with different ranges have relatively different accuracy, such as 5 kg * 1 g, 7 kg * 1 g, 3 kg * 0.5 g, 2 kg * 0.1 g, 1kg*0.2g, 500g*0.1g.

You can select the appropriate range and accuracy according to your requirements. For more product information, please contact us: mechanical kitchen scale.

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