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What Are The Classifications of Kitchen Scales?


The electronic kitchen scale is a tool used to accurate […]

The electronic kitchen scale is a tool used to accurately measure the weight of food ingredients used in cooking. Kitchen electronic scales are generally made of ABS or AAS plastic and stainless steel.

Electronic kitchen scales may also use tempered glass, which is generally used as the tray part of the kitchen scale because it is easy to clean.

The working principle of the kitchen electronic scale: the same as the general scale, the kitchen scale also determines the quality through electronic sensing or spring expansion. In comparison, the accuracy of electronic sensing is higher than that of spring gauges.

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There are also many kinds of kitchen scales, such as household kitchen scales, hotel kitchen scales and mechanical kitchen scales. In short, kitchen scales can be divided into different categories, as follows:

1. Divided by purpose: household kitchen scale and hotel kitchen scale.

2. Divided by sensor: electronic kitchen scale and mechanical kitchen scale.

3. According to food raw materials: liquid measuring kitchen scale and quality measuring kitchen scale.

4. According to the finished food products: Western-style pastry kitchen scale and Chinese food kitchen scale.

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