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The Mystery of The Accuracy of Electronic Scales


If you are worried that today’s weight is higher than y […]

If you are worried that today’s weight is higher than yesterday's, it may not be your fault. One day, the electronic personal scale may tell you that you have a certain weight. Then they will assume that you have gained 5 pounds. This It's not just a matter of your scale, many of them can be very inaccurate.

"If they don't do a good job, they may not be so accurate," many people say that electronic scales are better than mechanical scales simply because there are "fewer error mechanisms."

The scales of electronic weight scales made by many manufacturers may be inaccurate because they often use low-cost parts and are not restricted by strict testing procedures.

Gravity detection is different, depending on where you are in the world, the closer you are to the equator, the lower the gravity, so if you use an electronic scale in the UK to weigh, if the scale is made in another country, it may not be calibrated correctly. Domestic electronic weight scales are usually mass-produced and will not undergo strict testing and calibration procedures. Many professional medical institutions like electronic weight scales to measure the weight and height of their patients. If they are used abroad Production will be restricted.

"In addition, if you use the scale on an unsuitable surface, such as a deep pile carpet, it may give you an inaccurate reading."

He also explained that, like everything, all products have a shelf life.

For a long period of time, the electronic weight scale you weigh frequently will inevitably lose its accuracy and need to be recalibrated.

The problem is that many households use electronic bathroom scales that require few usable parts, so they will eventually be crushed by the box and won't be repaired.

Experts say that electronic weight scales are more reliable than mechanical versions because there are fewer working parts "which means fewer errors."

"Depending on where you stand on it and the angle at which you look at the screen, the weight can be read through the mechanical scale," he said.

"This may mean that the reading may be erroneously read as much as 1 kilogram or more.

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