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The Development Trend Of Electronic Scales In Recent Years


     Electronic scales are an important part of measuri […]

     Electronic scales are an important part of measuring instruments, and electronic scales are the most widely used and the largest variety of measuring equipment. More than 60% of the world's products are weighed.
     The development of the times has driven the development of all walks of life at the same time. Traditional steel scales are difficult and inaccurate in reading, so the electronic scales produced in the market make the quality readings of items more accurate and clearer; traditional steel scales have a relatively small measurement range, so the industry introduced electronic scales to expand the measurement range.
    People have increased the weighing accuracy required by electronic scales. Today's electronic scales can be accurate to grams, or even milligrams. These obvious trends have also appeared in the development of electronic scales now.
  (1) Miniaturization
    Small size, low height, and lightweight, that is, small, thin, and light. The newly developed electronic platform scale structure in recent years fully reflects the development direction of small, thin, and light.
  (2) Modularization
    For large or super-large carrier structures, such as largely static and dynamic electronic truck scales, modules of standard structures of several lengths have been adopted, and new varieties and specifications have been generated through split combination.
  (3) Integration
    For electronic scales of certain varieties and structures, such as small electronic platform scales, special scales, portable static and dynamic electronic axle scales, static and dynamic electronic rail scales, etc., the scale body and load cells, rails and load cells, rail scales can be realized. body and railway line integration.
  (4) Intelligence
    The weighing display controller of the electronic scale is combined with an electronic computer, and the intelligence of the electronic computer is used to increase the function of the weighing display controller. On the basis of the original functions, the electronic scale can add functions such as reasoning, judgment, self-diagnosis, self-adaptation, and self-organization.

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