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The Development Prospects of The Electronic Scale Industry


China electronic scale industry is a traditional indust […]

China electronic scale industry is a traditional industry with a long history of development and an important basic industry. After the reform and opening up, China's electronic scale industry has developed rapidly, and the electronic scale industry's management system, industry structure, product structure, technical level, and position in the national economy have changed dramatically.

We are now able to independently design and manufacture various electronic scales with high precision, fast operation and accurate measurement.

The development prospects of electronic scales:

1. Intelligent

The weighing display controller of the electronic scale is combined with an electronic computer, using the intelligence of the electronic computer to increase the function of the weighing display controller. On the basis of the original functions of the electronic weighing instrument, the functions of reasoning, judgment, self-diagnosis, self-adaptation, self-organization, etc. are added. This is the electronic weighing instrument that adopts the microcomputerized weighing display controller and the intelligent weighing display control on the market today. The fundamental difference of electronic weighing instruments.

2. Comprehensive

The development law of electronic weighing technology is to continuously strengthen basic research and expand applications, expand new technical fields, penetrate into neighboring disciplines and industries, and integrate various technologies to solve problems such as weighing measurement, automatic control, and information processing. For example, in the field of flow measurement, if a standard large flow measurement system is built according to traditional theories and methods, the price is quite expensive.

3. Combination

In the industrial weighing measurement process or technological process, many weighing measurement systems also require composability, that is, the measurement range can be set arbitrarily; the hardware can be adjusted according to certain working conditions and environments, and the hardware functions The direction of software development; software can be modified and expanded according to certain procedures; input and output data and instructions can use different languages ​​and bar codes, and can communicate with external control and data processing equipment.

4. Miniaturization

Small size, low height, light weight, that is, small, thin and light. In recent years, the newly developed electronic platform scale structure fully reflects the development direction of small, thin and light. For low-capacity electronic platform scales and electronic wheel axle scales, thin or ultra-thin round load cells can be directly embedded in the blind hole with the same outer diameter of the load cell on the bottom of the steel or aluminum plate to form a low profile scale. Body structure, the number and position of load cells are determined by the calculation of the scale's rated load and mechanical requirements.

5. Modular

For large or super large carrier structures, such as large static and dynamic electronic truck scales, several lengths of standard structure modules have begun to be adopted, and new varieties and specifications have been produced through separate combinations.

6. Integration

For certain types and structures of electronic weighing instruments, such as small electronic platform scales, special scales, portable static and dynamic electronic wheel axle scales, static and dynamic electronic rail scales, etc., scales and load cells, steel rails and load cells, and rail scales can be realized. Integration with railway lines.

Due to the rapid development of science and technology and the improvement of application level, the digitization, integration, networking, and intelligence of electronic scale products will become the development direction and focus of the world's weighing industry. China's application of high-tech advanced weighing instruments is still in the stage of relying on imports to solve supply. Therefore, in the field of high-tech weighing products, China's electronic scale manufacturing enterprises have huge room for development. In addition, with the continuous growth of domestic consumption level and industrial economy, domestic demand for electronic scale products will further increase.

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