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Smart Body Fat Scale Helps You Better Manage Your Body


Xiangshan Zhengtai used full-depth tomography MRI techn […]

Xiangshan Zhengtai used full-depth tomography MRI technology and invested tens of millions of dollars. Based on a large number of samples and comparative analysis, he refined the "Mathematical Model of Chinese Human Body Composition". The electronic body fat scale using this model has the same accuracy as Zhengtai and is suitable for Chinese body composition measurement products.

The appearance of the smart body fat scale has a body of 23mm, the front is made of automobile-grade explosion-proof tempered glass and the Plus scale surface, which makes the measurement more comfortable. The arc-shaped edging looks warm and looks like a sense of care. The bottom is equipped with anti-skid patterns. The floor mat is not only wear-resistant, but also prevents rollover. The butterfly-shaped ITO conductive film is used on it, and it only takes 10 seconds to decode the body code with high precision, tell you about 21 parameters of the body including lean body weight, muscle mass, etc., and score your body at any time.

Connect to the APP, record the historical curve, and customize a private exercise plan and reasonable recipes according to your exercise habits and recent physical conditions, and recommend achievable goals, so that you can do more with less.

In general, Zhengtai's smart body fat scale can measure 21 physical indicators and provide you with exercise plans and diet plans. It can also correlate the physical conditions of your family members to control the health of the family, and share your physical conditions with your friends. Family and friends motivate each other.

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