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load Cell In Electronic Scale


    A load cell is a device that can convert gravity in […]

    A load cell is a device that can convert gravity into an electrical signal and is a key component of an electronic weighing instrument.

    The working principle of the resistance strain load cell is to paste the strain gauge on the force-sensitive elastic element under force. When the elastic element is deformed by the force, the strain gauge generates corresponding strain, which is converted into a resistance change, thereby causing the measurement The voltage change of the circuit can be obtained by measuring the value of the output voltage and then converting the weight of the object to be measured.

    There are many kinds of load cells that can realize force→electricity conversion, and the common ones are resistance strain type, electromagnetic force type, and a capacitance type. The electromagnetic force type is mainly used for electronic balances, the capacitive type is used for some electronic crane scales, and most of the weighing products use resistance strain load cells.

    The resistance strain type load cell is a resistance strain type attached to a special elastic body beam. After the weight is pressed, the elastic body is deformed, and the resistance strain gauge is also deformed, and the measured weight is converted into the change of the strain amount. When the resistance value changes, the bridge measuring circuit composed of four walls breaks the balance, and the voltage value is obtained from the output voltage. Resistance strain load cells have good linear relationship, strong resistance to lateral eccentric load and lateral eccentric load, and small error in the four corners. These applications are widely used in force measurement, such as bathroom electronic scales.

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