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Kitchen Scales Help To Match Ingredients Accurately


Some, a little, a tablespoon... Food connoisseurs need […]

Some, a little, a tablespoon... Food connoisseurs need to quantify according to their feelings. If you want to reproduce the delicious desserts of food bloggers, the precise ratio of ingredients is the key. At this time, you need a kitchen scale. Zhengtai Electric has always been committed to The optimization and upgrading of household tools, and the newly launched smart kitchen scales are very exciting.

Kitchen scales are very common. Zhengtai smart kitchen scales are placed together with the scales used before. The advantages are obvious-high appearance, high accuracy, multiple weighing units, and multiple APP functions.

Food-grade tempered glass scale surface, under the scale surface is a high-brightness LED screen, the integrated molding is simple and seamless, clean and elegant, easy to clean, and it will be clean after using it.

The Zhengtai kitchen scale has a measurement range of 1-3000g, built-in high-precision weight sensor, measuring accuracy to 0.1g, can be recognized even when blowing breath, 2.7g headphones, 100g ingredients, 66.2g blind box, 234g mobile phone, and more All kinds of high-precision requirements can be met.

The Zhengtai kitchen scale has only one side button, minimalist control, and multiple functions that can be realized through touch and rotation. Long press-power on and off; light press-tare/reset; rotation unit switch.

The weighing unit can be switched at any time by rotating the button: g/ml/lb/oz. Milk and flour are indispensable in baking. The coexistence of grams and milliliters is excellent, which saves a lot of effort during baking.

Connecting APP via Bluetooth will also expand more functions of the kitchen scale, such as real-time data, data recording, recipe creation, and original hand-made coffee assistant. The most basic function is to synchronize the weighing data in real-time. The common electronic scales in the vegetable market have a large scale surface, while the scale surface of household kitchen scales is often small. Once the weighing object is too large, the display screen will be blocked. APP After synchronization, the mobile phone is equivalent to a secondary screen, and reading difficulties no longer occur.

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