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How To Use The Electronic Kitchen Scale Correctly After Choosing It


    Like ordinary scales, electric kitchen scales also […]

    Like ordinary scales, electric kitchen scales also use electronic sensing or spring expansion to determine mass. In comparison, the accuracy of electronic sensing will be higher than that of spring measurement.

    The accuracy of general household kitchen scales is lower than that used in hotels; the measurement accuracy of Chinese style is lower than that of western pastry. Electronic kitchen scales generally have a weighing range of 5KG, and the minimum accuracy is 0.1g. You can choose the appropriate range and accuracy according to your requirements.

    When choosing, focus on choosing a scale that has numbers you can easily read, is within your budget, has a bowl or cup for food storage, and is easy to use. After you choose,

    Read the manual instructions that came with your scale. Reading the instructions will help you understand the specific functions of your scale.

    Zero your kitchen scale. Depending on the type of kitchen scale you purchased, this may be as simple as turning on the scale and waiting until the display reads "0." For spring and kitchen scales, you may need to turn the knob on the scale to 0.

    Weighing bowls or containers for storing the food you weigh. You need to know the weight of the container in order to subtract it from the number registered on the scale when adding food to it. Some scales that come with containers have a special button that automatically registers the container.

    Place the food portions in the container on the scale. Please allow the scale to wait a moment before reading the weight. If you're using a digital scale, you'll see the weight displayed automatically, or you may need to set it up to indicate the type of food you're weighing on the scale. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to obtain a correct reading.

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