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How to Calibrate the Home Personal Scale?


The weight change of a pregnant woman has a certain imp […]

The weight change of a pregnant woman has a certain impact on the fetus. The effect of a change in the weight of a pregnant woman on the fetus is mainly reflected in the underweight or overweight of the pregnant woman, which will have varying degrees of impact on the health of the fetus. So many pregnant mothers will buy a home weighing scale. Everyone knows that they need to be calibrated before weighing. Do you know how to calibrate home weighing scales?

Calibration of electronic scales is difficult. Unlike ordinary electronic price calculation scales and platform scales, it can be calibrated by placing dozens of kilograms of code. Normal weight scale calibration requires 150kg code. Moreover, the process of placing and taking down the code must be completed within a few seconds. So the general place is that there is no ability to calibrate electronic scales. Can only be returned to the factory. The manufacturer has specially calibrated machines. An electronic weight scale costs tens of yuan, and a better one is about one hundred yuan. If the results of each weighing are too different, it is recommended that you buy a new one. Next, the editor will tell you how to buy a household weight scale:

1. Accuracy: When you use a weight scale, the most important thing is to know how much your weight is. Therefore, the accuracy of the electronic scale plays a major role. How do I know if it is accurate? Give you a small suggestion. It is best to stand on it and see how accurate it is when selecting it. Good quality electronic scales will be accurate to decimal places, while poor quality electronic scales will not have such precise units, only integer digits.

2. Function: If you can know not only your own weight but also the indicators of other parts of the body through the scale. For example: body fat percentage, muscle mass, body water percentage, etc., are they worth the money? This is the best, right? Therefore, cuties who have high requirements for their figure may wish to consider a health scale with additional functions.

3. Tolerance range: Our weight is not all light, of course there are some heavier ones. Therefore, the selected health scale should have a greater bearing capacity and can withstand the weight of obese people. Of course, this is not a kind of discrimination against everyone, but to let them accept it from the heart, without caring about the weight.

4. The base is non-slip: Knowing these, can you choose a suitable weight scale? Then you can ignore the more critical point. Has the base taken into consideration? It should have a non-slip effect, so that we will not move around when we use it, we will be more assured, and its safety will be improved a lot.

5. Tolerance: Our body weight can be controlled, but the weather changes cannot be controlled. Therefore, the weight scale should be able to adapt to changes in temperature, airflow, etc. These external factors seem to be irrelevant, but in fact they will also affect the electronic scale.

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