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How Does The Kitchen Scale Look at The Weight?


There are two types of kitchen scale: electronic scales […]

There are two types of kitchen scale: electronic scales and mechanical scales.

The electronic scale only needs to click the open button, confirm that the original number on the scale is "0", and then put the food on the electronic scale, the number displayed is a few grams. Mechanical scales are usually pointer type. When the food is placed in the center of the scale, the number displayed by the pointer below is the weight of the food. It is worth noting that many mechanical scales on the market are kilogram scales, and the unit needs to be converted into grams after reading.

Mechanical kitchen scales are generally divided into 1kg, 2kg, 3kg and 5kg, and the accuracy is as low as 5 grams, which is suitable for occasions with lower accuracy requirements. Electronic scales generally have a weighing range of 5KG, with a minimum accuracy of 1g or even 0.1g, which is more suitable for occasions with higher accuracy requirements such as home baking.

Precautions for the use of kitchen scales:

1. Before use, you need to put the scale on a horizontal table and turn it on again to ensure accuracy.

2. When weighing food, place the item at the center of the scale so that the weighing result will be more accurate.

3. The air flow around the kitchen scale should not be too large, let alone the scale facing the air conditioner or electric fan.

4. When using a mechanical scale, place the object as lightly as possible on the scale, and don't place it violently. If you use a mechanical scale continuously, after a certain number of hours, you should empty the scale to see if it is balanced to ensure accurate measurement.

5. When using electronic scales, stay away from mobile phones and computer radiation, about 50 cm away.

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