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High-Precision Kitchen Scales Make Delicious More Authentic


Recently, Xiangshan Zhengtai launched a new product - c […]

Recently, Xiangshan Zhengtai launched a new product - colorful kitchen weighing scales. The colorful household kitchen scale is exquisite in appearance and rich in functions. When used with APP, it has full competitiveness in terms of appearance, function and intelligence.

1. Smarter

The biggest feature of Zhengtai Colorful Household Kitchen Scale is its intelligence. It can not only weigh the weight of food, but also calculate the calories of food by connecting to the "Light Cow Health" APP. For weight loss fitness users, they can calculate their daily calorie intake and add records with one click, or query massive food calories in the food calorie library in the APP to create a healthier and effective weight loss recipe.

Not only that, the smarter part of Zhengtai's colorful household kitchen scale is that it can intelligently generate personalized calorie control schemes according to the user's goal setting and physical condition, and scientifically match the food, so that users can eat healthier.

2. More beautiful

Life needs a sense of ritual. The Zhengtai colorful kitchen scale breaks the dullness, and the macarons colorful scale surface is full of vitality, adding a sweet and fresh atmosphere to the kitchen, making the journey of exploring delicious food more enjoyable and interesting. In addition, the kitchen scale is small and portable and takes up less space. It is easy to store when not needed, simple, delicate and very practical.

3. More accurate

Zhengtai colorful kitchen scale uses high-precision sensors to achieve high-precision weighing of 1.0g. One can sensitively capture data and accurately weigh; the other is convenient for users to precisely control the proportion of ingredients when baking and cooking. The kitchen scale allows users to produce professional-quality delicacies at home, while the high-precision weighing of the Zhengtai kitchen scale makes the delicacy more pure and authentic.

The launch of Zhengtai's colorful kitchen scale means that Zhengtai is constantly enriching product types and pursuing technological upgrades to enhance brand competitiveness and occupy more market shares.

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