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Good Electronic Scale Should Have The Performance


    The shapes of electronic scales that are common on […]

    The shapes of electronic scales that are common on the market today are mainly round and square. Under the same size, the area of ​​the square electronic scale is much larger than that of the circular electronic scale, and the space for standing and using is larger. If you weigh yourself, it will be more comfortable and stable, so theoretically speaking, the square electronic scale is more accurate. Some, but also more expensive.

    The degree of intelligence of the electronic scale has a great influence on the convenience of use and the durability of the battery. At present, most of the cheap electronic scales on the market do not adopt the intelligent design. Before each load-bearing, you must turn on the button first before weighing. If you forget to turn off the switch after weighing, the long-term display will greatly waste the battery power; and the electronic scale with good quality uses intelligent weighing. Design, no switch required, when the human body stands on the electronic scale, the electronic scale will automatically sense the power on and carry out weighing, and it can also automatically shut down after a few seconds of non-use, which is very convenient and durable.

    There will be some errors between the weighing result of the electronic scale and the real value. The error is caused by a combination of various factors. The accuracy of the scale can be determined by checking the verification division value (e) on the nameplate label of the scale. Under the same capacity, the smaller the verification division value (e), the higher the accuracy of the scale.

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