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Four Different Forms Of Scales


    Weight changes are closely related to physical heal […]

    Weight changes are closely related to physical health, and many people keep a home scale to check their weight at any time. The scales today are not limited to one form either.

    Electronic weighing scales use sensor technology, electronic technology, and computer technology for electronic weighing, and directly display the measured data through numerical values. Various calculation methods can also be set, the reading is simple, the display is clear, and the maintenance is more convenient, but it needs to provide power or batteries when using it, otherwise it cannot be used normally.

    The internal function of the fat scale is different from that of ordinary electronic scales. In the application, it is necessary to connect a mobile phone to measure the fat content of the human body through micro-current.

    The most basic function of the fat scale is not only to measure body weight but also to measure the fat content of the human body. Some can measure more, such as water ratio, muscle ratio, etc., but generally require mobile APPs for connection and analysis.

    The smart scale has a built-in smart chip, and after connecting with the APP of the user's mobile phone through Bluetooth, etc., the physical fitness data is sent to the cloud for data analysis and displayed on the mobile phone. The smart scale can not only measure the body weight and fat data but also measure the muscle, basal metabolic rate, protein, bone mass, and other data. It can also infer the user's body age based on these data and formulate a suitable exercise plan for the user. , health plan, diet plan, etc.

    The mechanical weight scale converts gravity into torque, and the rotation angle of the torque conversion device is balanced with the counter-torque device in the scale, and at the same time drives the pointer of the instrument panel to rotate. The mechanical scale has the advantages of simple structure, and a strong physique, and can be used without providing power or other energy sources. The scale with a height ruler can also measure height. However, mechanical scales need to read the dial to obtain data by themselves, and the measurement results are prone to deviation.

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