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Explanation of The Meaning of Body Fat Scale Data


Regarding body fat scales, what you want to know most i […]

Regarding body fat scales, what you want to know most is how it detects our body data.

At present, the body fat scales on the market basically use the BIA bioelectrical impedance measurement method. In simple terms, the principle of using water energy to conduct electricity is used. The human muscle has a high water content, and the fat water content is much lower than other body tissues. When you stand on the scale barefoot, a weak current flows through the skin after contact with the measuring electrode, and the resistance value is measured, which will be brought into the sample model to calculate your own data.

Now most of the brand body fat scales can be connected to Bluetooth, and you can list your real-time body data in detail on the brand-specific app: weight, fat rate, moisture rate, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat level (index), muscle mass, The amount of bone salt, protein, BMI, and the above data will also give you a body score and body age, which is a bit powerful.

What do these data mean? Give you a brief explanation of a few commonly used nouns~

Q: What is body fat rate?

A: Body fat percentage is the percentage of body fat in the total body weight, and true obesity is not about weight! ! It is the body fat rate. So don't think that people who lose weight lose their weight! This is a misunderstanding.

Q: What is basal metabolism?

A: Basic metabolism refers to the lowest total energy consumed in a day when a person is awake and quiet, and is not affected by exercise, environment, food and mental state. In fact, weight loss does not require dieting, as long as you lose fat and increase muscle, your body metabolism will increase, and you can even eat more! !

Q: What is BMI?

A: BMI is the body mass index obtained by dividing body weight by the square of height. The index of normal people should be 18.5 ≤ BMI <25, too low is thin, and too high is fat. If you also want to have a high-quality electronic body fat scale, welcome to choose us: electronic scale factory.

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