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Do You Have The Problem of Inaccurate Body Fat Measurement?


If you are using a body fat scale, you may have a few q […]

If you are using a body fat scale, you may have a few questions:

Is the body fat percentage measured with a body fat scale different in the morning and evening?

Body fat is measured after exercise and found that body fat has changed?

The body fat measured by the two different body fat scales is different, I don’t know which one to trust...

Why is this?

There are two possibilities:

① The body fat scale itself cannot be measured accurately, and the body fat scale should be replaced;

②The body fat scale is accurate, but due to its measuring principle, it is affected by other factors during the measurement, so the reading is not accurate.

The home body fat scale is actually "calculating" the body fat rate

Whether it is a home body fat scale or a body fat scale used in a gym or a hospital physical examination center, the body fat rate is measured by the bioelectrical impedance method, that is, the "BIA test method."

There are 4/8 electrode plates on the body fat scale. The body impedance value is measured by the tiny current emitted by the electrode plates, combined with the tester’s height, weight, gender, and age, and a certain algorithm model is used to calculate the body impedance corresponding to the impedance value. Fat rate.

The main reasons for the error are impedance measurement (temperature change, contact surface moisture content change, body moisture change after exercise, etc. will affect the accuracy of the resistance value), algorithm model (related to the manufacturer's R&D cost).

When using a home body fat scale, to get more accurate measurement results, it is recommended to do the following:

1. The four electrode pads on the body fat scale need to be kept clean

Some body fat scales have 4 small metal discs on the surface. This is the electrode sheet, which is in contact with the skin and used to measure body impedance (Huawei and Honor are ITO coated)

2. Enter the correct gender, height, and age information, otherwise the body fat scale cannot accurately calculate body fat based on the impedance value

3. Try to measure at the same time and under the same conditions (including clothing, etc.). Because eating, drinking, bathing, and exercising will change the resistance of the body, it is best to fix the measurement after getting up on an empty stomach.

4. Take off your socks, stand on a body fat scale (don’t put your legs together), and don’t get too wet on your feet (otherwise the impedance will be reduced)

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