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Discussion On Mechanical Scales And Electronic Scales


     Scales have been developed into three categories: […]

     Scales have been developed into three categories: mechanical scales, electronic scales, and electromechanical scales. Among them, mechanical scales are large in size, have poor response sensitivity, and have large measurement errors. Therefore, except for mechanical scales that are still used on some special occasions, electronic scales are used on other occasions. The electronic scale is equipped with a high-precision load cell, which is not only superior in terms of accuracy, sensitivity, and stability but also meets people's "fast, accurate, continuous and automatic" weighing requirements.

    So what are the advantages and disadvantages of electronic scales and mechanical scales?

    The electronic scale has high measurement accuracy and long service life; the display can be locked and the reading is convenient. But the price is higher, and it also needs to be plugged in; the adjustment is complicated for the first use.

    The mechanical scale is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, without batteries; the structure is simple and the price is cheap. However, it must be adjusted every time it is used, and the measurement is easy to cause deviation; the service life is short, and mechanical wear will occur after a long time.


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