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Digital Electronic Scale And Its Classification


Digital electronic scales: It is an electronic scale th […]

Digital electronic scales: It is an electronic scale that uses a load cell to measure the weight of the load, passes through the electronic device, and displays the weight value digitally. According to the International Recommendation R76 of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML), digital indicator scales are non-automatic scales (scales that require human operation during the weighing process) that are self-instructing (scales that can be self-instructed by unmanned operation). According to the use function, it can be divided into: weighing scale, pricing scale, counting scale, bar code printing scale and so on. The characteristics of digital indicator scales: high accuracy, intuitive display (avoid visual errors), easy to use, and rich extended functions.

Classification of digital electronic scales (product structure/features):

1 Electronic Case Scale (ACS): It is an electronic scale placed on a table. The weighing range is within 40 kg, and the small weight is high. Weighing unit: kilogram (kg).

2 Electronic platform scale (TCS): used on the ground, the weighing range is within 30~500 kg, medium weighing and indexing. Weighing unit: kilogram (kg).

3 Electronic Hanging Scale (OCS): Use the lifting equipment to weigh objects with the hook of the scale body, weighing range is about 0.5~20 tons, weighing unit: ton (t).

4 Electronic Ground Scale (SCS): Large and medium scale electronic scales (indoor/outdoor) installed on the ground or in the ground. The weighing range is about 0.5 to 200 tons.

5 Other electronic scales: belt scales, checkweigher scales, canned scales, etc., explosion-proof scales, electronic scales adapted to the unique use environment.

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