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Bluetooth Electronic Scale Battery Charging Instructions


Bluetooth electronic scale battery charging instruction […]

Bluetooth electronic scale battery charging instructions:

Under the condition of not using electronic scales for a long time, the protective battery must be charged every 3 months.

The electronic Bluetooth electronic scale will have a low-voltage alarm light when the battery is dead. If there are many alarms, it is likely to be damaged due to serious power shortage. A new battery must be replaced.

1, every time before charging bluetooth electronic scale must reflect on whether the battery liquid is enough;

2. Do not open or pull out the liquid filling plug on the battery with Bluetooth electronic scale.

3, the battery can be intact, wiring can be intact, and open the air cover;

4. Smoking, sparks or open flames are forbidden near the battery.

5. Do not add liquid before or during charging.

6. Do not place metal objects on the battery when charging.

7, when charging electrolyte temperature is lower than 55℃;

8. Do not repair the storage battery when charging the electronic Bluetooth electronic scale.

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